About Personal Videos:

Santa will make a video especially for your family. You can download the movie, or just watch it on any computer / phone / smart TV with access to the Internet.

Videos will include personalized messages from information you provide, plus Santa will tell you a new Christmas Story about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

About Santa Phone Calls:

Santa will call and first talk to the adults, then the kids. It is recommended that you place Santa on a speaker phone so everyone can enjoy the call at the same time.

Santa will call on the date you request, and he will do his best to match the time you want, however please allow a 2 hour window for delivery.

About Santa’s Letters:

Santa will personally write to your child, or children (Up to 10, in the same letter)

Letter is printed in a special hand-writing style and is signed by Santa.

All letters will mailed during the month of December

Deadline for ordering is Dec 17th